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1036 S Jackson St
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Seattle, WA98104
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Rau muống xào tỏi
"Also known as the 'morning glory garlic' on the menu, this dish is some sort of delicious spinach that grows in a river sautéed in sesame chili sauce. Right now, I'm trying to find really delicious vegetables to eat, so I like it because of that. I also like it because it's unique, hearty but still really bright, and fresh tasting."
Chef  reviews Tamarind Tree rolls at
Tamarind Tree rolls
"It's light, so it's the perfect start to a meal. You can sit down completely famished, order a Tamarind Tree roll, and it's at your table immediately. It's a fresh roll with a fried wonton wrapper inside, and their sauces are good. It's solid."

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