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600 Pine St, 3rd Level
Seattle, WA98101
Call: 206.632.7020
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Jennifer Shea reviews Mini cupcakes with cherries on top at
"#Repost @pacific_place ・・・ A @trophycupcakes to end our fun shopping and dining adventure was the perfect treat! The one problem? Picking just one each! ;) Thanks for following along today. I hope to see you at Pacific Place soon, or you can always catch my fashion, beauty, and Seattle adventures here on Instagram! xo, @hellorigby 💋"
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Chef Maria Hines reviews Triple chocolate at
"The chocolate with chocolate frosting is incredibly moist. It has a distinct chocolate flavor made possible by the Valrhona chocolate they use. The cake-to-frosting ratio is also spot-on, making these my favorite cupcakes in Seattle. However, it's the triple-chocolate action that is my favorite."
Chef Jennifer Shea reviews Selfie cupcakes at
"Look what we made for Victoria! Yes! We can put photos on cupcakes! #selfiecupcakes #Repost @pacific_place ・・・ What do you get your fabulous Admin on #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay? Snapchat selfie @trophycupcakes, of course! We ❤️ you, Victoria!"
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