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Seattle, WA98104
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Jason Wilson reviews Surf clams w/ ginger & snap peas at
"Jade Garden is a favorite of my wife's and mine. I was introduced to these seasonal spring clams five years ago by the owner, a friend, and we long for them each year. The surf clams are so fresh you can taste the ocean they came from, and the traditional Hong Kong cooking style marries the flavors of the sea perfectly."
Chef Maria Hines reviews Chicken feet at
"Don't shy away from this dish (only served at lunch)! The sauce is earthy, sweet and, well, saucy! It's finger-licking good and a total umami bomb!"
Chef Daisley Gordon reviews Shrimp dumplings at
"This is always the first item I order from the dim sum cart. Dipped into hot pepper oil, it is the perfect snack—fresh, chewy, shrimp-flavored, and spicy all at once."
Chef Nathan Lockwood reviews Pork & jelly fish cold dish at
"The combination of jellyfish, pig's face, and sesame oil is the perfect late-night snack. Try their black bean crab and salt and pepper squid to round out the meal."

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