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Reviews & Posts

Chef Maxime Bilet reviews Tajarin al ragù o burro e salvia at
"I love this dish and pretty much everything else that happens to be on the menu. Katy has named this “the baby angel cloud” that makes life delicious. People don’t understand how much work goes into these perfect strands of egg yolk-rich pasta. You can’t be afraid of butter if you order this dish!"
Chef Molly Moon reviews Mousse di formaggio di capra at
"This tangy, not overly sweet goat cheese mousse is always perfectly balanced with a beautifully simple fruit compote or preserve of some sort. I love the addition of cocoa nibs for the crunch and depth."
Chef Holly Smith reviews Sformatino at
"Spinasse almost always has a savory flan (or sformatino) on the menu, and my favorite is the bagna cauda version. It's a delicate flan flavored with toasted anchovy and garlic with a very silky, simple sunchoke purée to accompany it. It's intense and delicious. I could bathe in it!"
Chef Shaun McCrain reviews Uovo con fonduta at
"This poached egg and fonduta dish is served in a jar. On my last visit, I had it with chanterelle mushrooms, and it also came with local truffles another time. It was creamy in texture and very good both times. It's delicious comfort food."

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