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111 Dupont St.
Toronto, ONM5R 1V4
Call: 416.929.3911
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Lora Kirk reviews Tacos at
"Tacos are a great chef food because you can eat ‘em quickly with just one hand and they are intensely satisfying. No matter what kind of tacos you like it’s kind of the perfect simple meal with a margarita and a side of guacamole."
Chef Roberto Fracchioni reviews Huevos Rancheros at
"Dios mío! Every time I go here, I tell myself I will order something new but I always end up getting the huevos rancheros. I can’t stop myself. It’s that good. My favourite part is the cabbage and pinto bean salad that I think is intended to be more of a garnish, but it is crazy good and I could eat a pail of it."

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