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96 Tecumseth St
Toronto, ONM6J 2H1
Call: 647.352.6000
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Veal sweetbread at
Veal sweetbread
"Sweetbreads are a favorite gland of mine, and here they are offered as a special alongside fresh fava beans. The sweetbreads are served whole and grilled with a touch of cardamom until smoky and crisp on the outside and meltingly soft inside. It is served with ranch dressing that's been spiked with lump fish roe and topped with purslane."
Chef Scott Vivian reviews  at
Beast Restaurant
"Japanese rock and roll dinner on Tuesday November 1st w/ guest chefs Chef Michael Caballo + Tobey Nemeth from Edulis and pastry chef Chef Maya Erickson! Make your resos now, 647.352.6000."
Chef  reviews Labatt 50 breakfast at
Labatt 50 breakfast
"The Group of Seven Chefs' Scott Vivian has filled the city's minds—and bellies—with delicious, rich food for the last couple years. It's definitely a destination spot for Sunday morning brunch and weeknights, and they have a patio out front! The Labatt 50 comes with your choice of smoked beast bacon, peameal bacon, or chorizo sausage served with two eggs any style, toast, house potatoes, and an ice-cold bottle of Labatt 50."