Cioppino's Mediterranean Grill & Enoteca

$$$$Italian, MediterraneanYaletown, Downtown
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1133 Hamilton St.
Vancouver, BCV6B 5P6
Call: 604.688.7466
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Pappardelle at
"I love the pappardelle with four-hour veal cheeks from Cioppino's. Chef Pino makes a really good, modern version of this classic."
Chef  reviews Fraser Valley duck 2 ways at
Fraser Valley duck 2 ways
"Everything at this luxe establishment is expertly prepared, but I love the duck. Chef Pino dry-ages, air-dries, marinates, spit-roasts, sous vides, and caramelizes the skin of the duck breast for magically tender and perfectly pink results. The legs are confited and pressed into a terrine. It's fantastic technique made to look effortless."

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