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Chef Grant van Gameren reviews Spaghetti al nero di maiale at
"Each time I dine at BUCA I am amazed at the execution and creativity of this kitchen. This hand-cut, pork blood pasta with 'nduja, soffritto, and rapine is finished with smoked burrata cheese, and it delivers every time. Don't be scared off by the ingredients; this is one of the tastiest dishes in town. Wash it down with one of the best Italian wine lists in Toronto."
Chef Jennifer McLagan reviews Pork blood gelato at
"How often do you get to eat blood for dessert? This smooth, rich gelato is served in a brioche drizzled with vino cotto and topped with pistachios. It’s a fabulous way to finish your meal and I guarantee it will change your opinion of pork blood."
Chef Matty Matheson reviews Cervello at
"Lambs brains with prosciutto. I could eat these every day. The salty and crunchy taste mixed with salsa verde is the perfect balance."
Chef Corbin Tomaszeski reviews Salumi di Buca at
"This is the best housemade charcuterie in town. The assortments are amazing and rich in flavour. I especially enjoy the prosciutto and Calabrese sausage. All of the cheese is fresh and fantastic, but I suggest the creamy Taleggio. Don't forget to order the Nodini and marinated olives. The Nodini are so addictive that they become an item that everyone fights for at the table. Olive oil, garlic, and rosemary bread knots are also so incredible!"
Chef Mark McEwan reviews Bigoli pasta at
"This dish consists of hand-crafted pasta, duck offal, Venetian spices, and mascarpone cheese, all of which provide layers of interesting textures. The handmade pasta at Buca is treated with such care and exacting standards. Chef Rob Gentile handles all the products with an eye for detail and continues to put a new-age swing on traditional Italian classics."

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