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3223 Lake Ave
Wilmette, IL60091
Call: 847.256.5780
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Edward Kim reviews Deluxe deep-dish pizza at
"For me, a good deep-dish pizza truly captures what the Chicago palate is all about: big hearty flavors balanced with fresh ingredients. A man-hole covering of sausage is topped with a salad of plum tomatoes, veggies, gooey cheese underneath, and a super buttery crust. It's a slice of pizza that is above all others."
Chef Graham Elliot reviews Deep-dish pizza at
"I'm not usually a fan of deep-dish, but this Chicago institution, open for 40 years, does it right. The pizza is basically a lasagna with a crust in place of pasta—heavy on the tomatoes and mozzarella. This saucy monster is a slice of Chicago heaven."

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