Spinach gnocchi with brown butter at Vetri
Washington Square West
1312 Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA19107
Call: 215.732.3478
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"This is probably the best product I've ever consumed. I love the simplicity of the freshly boiled dumplings that are 90 percent spinach and the glorious amounts of fresh ricotta salata and boiled brown butter. Simply perfect."
"By far my favorite Marc Vetri dish ever! These gnocchi have no potato, just spinach, egg, Grana Padano and a little bread crumb, and come dressed with nutty brown butter and shaved ricotta salata. So simple but so memorable, they literally melt in your mouth."
"Delicate, smooth, perfectly balanced. The brown butter sage sauce is a perfect foil for the strength of the spinach. The thin, scattered shaving of cheese lends saltiness and a bit of texture. Perfection."
"Tossed in brown butter, Marc Vetri's excellent spinach gnocchi have a feather-like texture. In a city of great pastas, this is the best of the best."

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