Wonton & egg noodle soup at Out the Door
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1 Ferry Building, Ste 3
1 Ferry Building, #5
San Francisco, CA94111
Call: 415.321.3740
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2232 Bush St
San Francisco, CA94115
Call: 415.923.9575


Chef Ryan McIlwraith reviews Wonton & egg noodle soup at
"This soup is both convenient and satisfying. It should come with a warning label that it may cause addiction. I believe the thrice-fried pork crackling croutons may be the culprit for these addictive properties. Don’t forget to grab a couple of packets of Sriracha if you like your soup with a little kick. "
Chef Craig Stoll reviews Wonton & egg noodle soup at
"This place seems to fly under the radar for some reason. I find myself thinking about this soup when I should be concentrating on other things. The floating cracklings push it over the top for me."

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