Little GEM
Gluten Free, Modern, American
400 Grove St
San Francisco, CA94102
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"Miam miam 😋! It was great catching up with @dianesanfilippo @fullbodyfix @wellnessjess @johnedwardmiller over some delicious #Paleo #glutenfree grub Notice the double portion on my side to the right. I have not had #tempura #shrimp in YEARS. I'm so happy!!! 🍤 #GoBigOrGoHome #PaleoPowWow #BibbityBop ・・・#Repost @dianesanfilippo ・・・ Lunch today catching up with friends - @fullbodyfix @jonesgelato @wellnessjess - one of our favorite all #glutenfree and #dairyfree restaurants here in SF. . Not pictured: the second order of salmon tartare I added to the Bibimbap bowl after I saw the portion it came with 🤣"

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