Crudite mosaic with curd-fermented carrot powder, tomato powder, herb powder, pickled tiny vegetables, purslane, celery leaf

Modern, American
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"Crudite Mosaic, Chefs Garden Bouquet . One of the courses from the @bocusedorusa dinner @culinaryvegetableinstitute dinner with @farmerleejones @james_simpson86 and @altermiami supporting @mathewdpeters and his #goldinlyon Win at this years @bocusedor . It was served with no silverware as the guests were instructed to use the edible bouquet to eat the mosaic . Components: -yogurt and fresh milk curd -fermented carrot powder -tomato powder -herb powder -pickled tiny vegetables -purslane -celery leaf -sorrel Bouquet -nasturtium -shiso -broccoli flower -cauliflower leaf -mustard flower -celery"

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