Margherita pizza at Una Pizza Napoletana
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210 11th St
San Francisco, CA94103
Call: 415.861.3444
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Margherita pizza
"My experience with UPN is from nyc. It looks like Anthony is still doing his thing. Unapologetic in the pursuit of his craft. The pies are simple and fantastic. This cat is a straight up slayer."
Chef  reviews Margherita pizza at
Margherita pizza
"I've always been very respectful of Anthony Mangieri's goal. He's obsessed with the purity of the ingredients. On a personal level, that's who I am too, so I can appreciate it. Plus, his pizza is totally authentic."
Chef  reviews Margherita pizza at
Margherita pizza
"Anthony Mangieri's three-man show is cooking theater. His margherita is the best in the city and an example of how pizza should be, with very few toppings to allow the dough, cheese, and sauce to speak for themselves. Get in line 'cause everybody else in the city wants the best pizza, too."

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