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4330 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA70115
Call: 504.895.9761
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"I love all three of their oyster preparations—raw, stewed, and fried—but if I had to pick one, it would be the fried oysters served on thick-cut bread with horseradish on the side. What makes it special is that they are fried in a pan with lard and in small batches."
"Perfectly fried oysters are cooked in lard on the stovetop, then served on toasted white bread and dressed however you want it. Throw in a Dixie beer, a Barqs, or a bottle, and there is nothing better for lunch during oyster season. Period."
"Deep-fried oysters on white bread dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo—need I say more? According to oyster lore, they are only open in months with an 'r' in them. They also have the greatest salad section to grace a menu—lettuce and tomatoes!"

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