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"I get a fresh watermelon juice—or mango, if I'm in the mood—and a whole pound of fresh chicharrones. It sounds like a lot but you won't think so when your fighting over them."
"Chicharones at El Palacio de los Jugos are very crispy on one side, like over-cooked bacon, and tender on the other side. The taste is very salty and savory at the same time. They are excellent with frijoles negros and sweet maduros. The place itself is great, too, outdoors and really fresh. Just like Miami, the restaurant is hot and a bit crowded, but colorful and unforgettable as well."
"The savory taste from the fried pig skin couldn't be washed down with anything better than a freshly squeezed local, tropical fruit juice. It's savory and sweet, everything that I love about Miami. It does not get more Miami than this!"

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