Bone marrow phở at Pho Binh
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10928 Beamer Rd
Houston, TX77089
Call: 281.484.3963
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"This place has the best phở broth in the city. It has good character with star anise and a nice ginger flavor. You have to ask for the bone marrow on the side. The place is open until 3 a.m. on weekends, but if you want to go that late, call and make sure they haven't run out."
"In a town where it's hard to get good food late at night, Pho Binh by Night's phở with fatty brisket, tendon, and flank is one of the best dishes in town. What makes it even better is that you can get it at two in the morning AND add a side of bone marrow to it. The broth is slowly simmered and heavily perfumed with hard spices. They don’t skimp on the perfectly cooked meats, either. The Vietnamese restaurants here are second to none in this country: this is one of Houston's best examples."
"Order bone marrow with your phở. Scoop some of the marrow out and put it into your soup—it changes it to the best noodle soup you'll ever have. The splendid flavors of the bones and aroma of the cinnamon and stare anise delicately blend together to form an astounding soup."

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