Hot sweet & spicy chicken at The ToreOre
1302 Blalock Rd
Houston, TX77055
Call: 713.468.0606


"There really is no other grocery store dining like this in the city—or any other city, for that matter. It has really diverse products that cater to Houston’s large Korean population. They also have the best food court in town, which is where you grab the fried chicken. Make sure to get a side of radish pickles—it’ll save your spicy life. The sweetness and acidity of the pickles will bring you down to earth. The hot pots here are also great."
"Yes, it’s actually inside Super H Mart, but don’t let that fool you. Here’s why: they cut the chicken in 14 pieces (more pieces equals faster cooking to the bone and more crust-to-meat ratio), use rice flour for the batter, and fry it twice for extra crunch. After they get the perfect crust, they toss it with your choice of sauce. I love their hot sauce, as well as the sweet and spicy. This fried chicken is just pure sticky, crunchy goodness."