Albacore tuna tostadas “Contramar-style” at Tacolicious
Mon 11:30 am - midnight
Tue 11:30 am - midnight
Wed 11:30 am - midnight
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Sat 11:30 am - midnight
Sun 11:30 am - midnight
632 Emerson St.
Palo Alto, CA94301
Call: 650.838.0500
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1548 Stockton Street
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2031 Chestnut St
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"I love Contramar in Mexico City, so I am happy to have these little delicious things right around the corner from me. These tostadas come with avocado, crispy leeks, and a delicious chipotle mayo."
"After work, when I just want something light, T-lish is my go-to place. The albacore tostada has heat from the chipotle mayo, the crunch from the tortillas and the rich creaminess from the avocado. It all comes together with with a squeeze of lime. Chase it down with a beer or a margarita. Have to give props to the meatballs and the chili con queso, too."

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