Agedashi tofu at Abriya Raku
Abriya Raku
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5030 Spring Mountain Rd
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Las Vegas, NV89146
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Chef Ben Jenkins reviews Agedashi tofu at
"This off-the-Strip gem offers traditional Japanese fare. The agedashi tofu is housemade tofu that is lightly fried and served in a warm dashi broth garnished with ikura, shredded nori, and nameko mushrooms."
Chef Claude Le-Tohic reviews Agedashi tofu at
"Chef Endo makes his own homemade tofu, complete with wonderful condiments. It is lightly fried and served in a delicious broth. I like the healthy aspect of it as well."
Chef Brian Howard reviews Agedashi tofu at
"I love this homemade dish from Raku. Soft and silky tofu is dusted in potato starch and fried until crispy, served in a tentsuyu broth, and then finished with fresh salmon roe, bonito flakes, and hot bean paste. It is simple elegance."
Chef Sam DeMarco reviews Agedashi tofu at
"I won't believe it if I'm the only chef to put this on my list, Vegas or not. There is simply nothing like it. The first time anyone has it, they all say the same thing: 'How did I not have this before, and how the hell does he do it?' It's crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, swimming in a toasty broth with a lace of the sea—a toasted sea! When you bite into the roe, the flavors just pop out at you. I want to go now! See you there."

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