Shwarma laffa at Pita Palace
Pita Palace
Middle Eastern
North Druid Hills
1658 Lavista Rd NE
Atlanta, GA30329
Call: 404.781.7482
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Chef Todd Ginsberg reviews Shwarma laffa at
"This is a kosher burrito that I crave once a week. There's grilled meat and their 'salad bar' fixings all wrapped up in a tortilla. The result is a meal that's as big as your forearm. It's probably my all-time favorite dish in Atlanta."
Chef Aaron Russell reviews Shwarma laffa at
"My most craved food is Pita Palace’s shwarma laffa. It's like an enormous Jewish burrito. Everything in this Kosher restaurant is made in-house from scratch, and the place is run by some genuinely nice and genuinely Israeli fellows. The laffa is stretchy, yeasty, and tensile-tested to hold a ridiculous portion of crispy shaved lamb, roasted eggplant, onions, pickles, and 'spicy'—whatever that is. Frankly, whatever it may be, ask for extra."

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