Baby pig on rice at Great N.Y. Noodletown
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28 Bowery
New York, NY10013
Call: 212.349.0923
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"I always eat the suckling baby pig at NY Noodletown when I can get into the city. It's crispy and salty, and I eat it over rice with some of their chili sauce or a little scallion ginger sauce."
"This place is fantastic. It is always open when I want it to be, which means it's open late for after-work chef hours. You can always count on having a great meal here and I like to get pork and rice with a fried egg on top."
"While you can’t go wrong at Noodletown, where everything is fantastic for a low cost, I always go for the rich and succulent roast baby pig. It is served with a ginger-scallion sauce, which adds a level of heat and sweetness to the dish."

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