Nam kao tod at Rainbow Cuisine
Rainbow Cuisine
Lincoln Square, Ravenswood
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4825-B N Western Ave
Chicago, IL60625
Call: 773.754.7660
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"Imagine curried crispy, chewy, fragrant fried rice nuggets, tangy thai sausage, julienned ginger, shaved red onion, handfuls of cilantro, funky fish sauce. Naem Khao Tod at Rainbow Thai is the most exciting thing I’ve eaten in a long time. You have to ask for it by name as it’s not on the menu. But holy culinary heaven –a simple plate of perfect balance– sweet, crunchy, tangy, meaty, fresh, funky, all of it."
"Spicy, crunchy, funky and sweet. This fermented pork, Thai chile, peanut and crispy rice salad may be the perfect plate of food. I like to order it with hoy tod—they're both texturally sublime, very spicy and very satisfying. "