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Chef/Owner, minibar by José Andrés and ThinkFoodGroup. I'm not just a cook, I'm a storyteller. I create experiences.

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Dry-aged bone-in strip loin
Dry-aged bone-in strip loin
$$$, Full Bar, Steakhouse, Spanish,
"As you enter, you notice a large showcase fridge with a wide variety of meats—everything from Wagyu, prime, dry-aged, wet-aged, bone-in steaks, and Heritage pork. This is all centered by two wood burning grills and rotisserie, two wood-burning ovens and Josper charcoal grills where most of the vegetables are prepared. Jose Andres likes to call this his “fire stage.” Any of the proteins coming off this “fire stage” taste pretty amazing, though my favorite is the dry-aged, bone-in strip loin."
Black rossejat
$$$$, Full Bar, Spanish, Restaurant, South Beach
"This dish stands out among many outstanding dishes off the Bazaar menu. It’s on the conservative side, but it appeals to me for it's simplicity, and bold, confident flavors and flawless execution. It's a comforting dish without being heavy. Little noodles are cooked with aromatics, stock, and finished with squid ink. The dish is topped with slow cooked shrimp and a garlicky aioli. I love the creativity and imagination here, and have never been let down by any of the bites."