Michael Voltaggio

Michael Voltaggio

Los Angeles

About Michael Voltaggio

Chef Michael Voltaggio is primarily known for modernist techniques, however, he stresses that he is just cooking. He has a vast repertoire that melds strict, classic french technique with progressive and innovative applications allowing for precision and creativity. Ingredients drive his culinary ambitions; he strives to elevate the best ingredients to create a multi-sensory experience where taste is paramount.

My Venues

  • ink.sack
    Tom Bradly International Terminal
    Los Angeles, CA


  • One Star (The Dining Room at The Langham)
    Michelin Guide
  • Best New Restaurant
    GQ Magazine
  • Best New Chefs
    Food & Wine
  • Winner
    Top Chef
  • ChefsFeed Winner
    One of the Best Things to Eat in LA

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My contribution to today...
"My contribution to today... happy birthday #america"
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This is a portrait of a very
"This is a portrait of a very happy beet slice that I took @#happytothecore"
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Rigatoni with tomato brown
"Rigatoni with tomato brown butter and brown butter crumble @#vegetarian friendly"
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Grilled olives and whipped
"Grilled olives and whipped blue cheese #simple made good"
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Osso bucco of beets and palm
"Osso bucco of beets and palm hearts I’m #vegetarian"
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