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Chicken al pastor bowl
$, Mexican,
"I just discovered this place, but it's so fantastic. The bowl is very flavorful with great toppings like huitlacoche and hibiscus-pickled onions. It's so creative!"
fall veggie taco
$, Mexican, Tacos, Irvine Business Complex
"It may not be the most perfect looking taco, but that’s kind of the point! This month we teamed up with @imperfectproduce to create an awesome fall veggie taco. Imperfect greens braised in mojo de ajo, roasted imperfect squash, plancha seared queso enchilado, and an imperfect squash and chipotle salsa!!! Get it for a few more days!!!"
At my venues
Chile Relleno Taco
$, Mexican, Tacos, Irvine Business Complex
"Instagram, meet the Chile Relleno Taco. It is filled with rajas and cheese, served on top of habanero crema and arugula and sprinkled with a spicy tomato arbol sauce. Available till the end of the month. And if I weren’t leaving for Italy tomorrow night, it’s what I’d be eating EVERYDAY until May 1!! Get yours!"
At my venues