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I heard it was hot where you
"I heard it was hot where you live."
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have you ever been excited to
"have you ever been excited to sleep with your windows open? felt a kinship with a potted plant? turn around to glance back at a freshly made bed? smelled the sweater you wore from the night before? search your house for any trace of your last visitor? press a flower in a book after a perfect first date? just watch the grass? just count the clouds?"
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my 11 year old self, already
"my 11 year old self, already stuffing my shirt with a pillow, (mis)guided by fantasy...making handmade cards, stealing rose petals from the yards of neighbors and crafting fancy celebratory English Muffin treats for my mom, would have been shocked to know how a day like Mother’s Day would end up being the most complicated day of the year. For almost everyone. And the best gift I’ve ever given myself was the permission to let go of hand-me-down expectations. the heavy pressures. someone else’s rules. And, sure. More love would be nice. Bigger love. Those kinds of love so foreign to me. But, being present and really knowing every inch of the human in this skin seems to be how I was supposed to do this damn thing. Nothing is really as real as you think, anyway. And it’s all just so astoundingly fleeting. Best just enjoy the bites you do get to take (especially of local salmon, during a season so brief, it tastes as much of the ocean as it does delicious metaphor)."
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wake up. thoughts of you. 
"wake up. thoughts of you. I mean “him” I mean “that guy” I mean “no one” nevermind. Let’s just say it was “breakfast” and I woke up thinking about the ocean, too? pinbones. feeling tweezers. new meaning. same breezes. thoughts of choking. hidden heart. swollen lobes. limbs. lips. parts. ding dong ditch we kiss. we miss. ya bish same dress. new thread. all that matters, a thimbleful. scoot over. make room. I’m small(er than you think ((and larger than you know)) )"
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you have enough.
"you have enough."
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