Daniel  Delaney

Daniel Delaney

New York City

About Daniel Delaney

Delaney Chicken was born out of a curiosity about process and an appreciation for provenance by Chef Daniel Delaney.

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    six day, salt desiccated angus
    "six day, salt desiccated angus ribeye with anchovy butter."
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    fresh masa, sweetened coffee
    "fresh masa, sweetened coffee with cinnamon, creamy beans and eggs, and bright chicharron en verde. i can’t think of a breakfast I crave more."
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    these justified a hike in a
    "these justified a hike in a blizzard."
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    skirt kebab
    "skirt kebab"
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    While driving through Fort
    "While driving through Fort Wayne, I️ needed to check out Power’s Hamburgers. Very much in the style of White Manna, with architecture reminiscent of White Towers. Great visit."
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