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Love this illustration by
"Love this illustration by Alyson Thomas of our patatas bravas at Barcino. @barcinosf Check it out in the new @ediblesf. Thank you @ommmar for “10 Things to Eat Now Winter 2018” 🙌😎 #barcinosf #ediblesf #patata #bravas #patatasbravas #papasbravas #instafood 🥔 🥔 🥔 Patata at Barcino “There are patatas bravas, and then there is Barcino’s patata, the restaurant's version of the classic Spanish tapa of fried potatoes topped with spicy tomato sauce and aioli. Instead of dousing fried cubed spuds in sauce and calling it a day, chef Ryan McIlwraith takes it to the next level: he brines a hollowed-out potato “cup,” steams it until fully cooked, freezes it, then deep-fries it to order (the cooking method is a very chef-y, modernist, Blumenthalian technique). Once fried, the potato shell is filled with a spicy tomato-based brava sauce and then topped with charred scallion aioli and charred scallion dust. It’s simultaneously crispy and soft, rich, salty and slightly spicy. Barcino, 399 Grove St.” BY OMAR MAMOON | FEBRUARY 05, 2018"
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It was hard to pick a favorite
"It was hard to pick a favorite dish at a recent dinner at Rustic Canyon, in Santa Monica, but it may have been this beet salad @rusticcanyon "Beets & berries 17', beet hummus, quinoa, mint, amaranth & pistachio dukkah" @chefjeremyfox (although I'm still dreaming about the polenta🤔)."
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R&D...Catalan lamb meatballs
"R&D...Catalan lamb meatballs two ways...crunchy vs. saucy...saffron braised noodle, currant, pine nut, mushroom, corn 💛🌽😋💥 @barcinosf #barcinosf"
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