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  • 5th Annual Southern Chef's Potluck, Contributing Chef

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Grilled squash salad,
"Grilled squash salad, fermented green tomato, pepitas, @bloomsburyfarm spinach. Acidic, smokey and crunchy."
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Today sucks...eat a taco.
"Today sucks...eat a taco."
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First signs of spring. Rack of
"First signs of spring. Rack of Lamb (dry aged in curried lamb fat), panisse, smoked whey butter, grilled cabbage blossoms @thetreehousenashville"
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Back on the menu. Confit &
"Back on the menu. Confit & crisp duck confit, spicy apricot sauce, half sours, scallion, sesame, homemade steamed buns."
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Lightly smoked & preserved
"Lightly smoked & preserved mussels, castelvetrano olives, celery, lemon, harissa aioli, saltines @thetreehousenashville"
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We like snacks now...
"We like snacks now..."
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