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Francis Hogan is the chef/co-owner of Sabio on Main. An Oakland resident, who most recently worked at Bluestem Brasserie in San Francisco where he consistently earned 4 star ratings on all the major user review platforms. In addition to his proficiency in whole animal butchery, charcuterie, and cheese mongering, he is a certified sommelier and has been featured at prestigious culinary venues such as the James Beard House in New York City and CUESA in San Francisco.

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Our new oyster platters are
"Our new oyster platters are sick! @chefrobinl is doing some amazing work up there in the PNW. She's taking a Chef's approach to ceramics and the results are beautiful and practical...even down to the finger divots for clearing the plate. They're perfect for small, sexy oysters like Kusshis or these Kumomotos from Humboldt. The side caddy "shell" tops it all off."
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Really stoked with how this SF
"Really stoked with how this SF Herring came out. Made a beet infused pickle and tested it for a few days. Great color, flavor, and texture. Kept the dish simple; @gambleangelina fired off some fresh pumpernickel which is griddled in lots of butter. Then, a simple salad of apple, onion, and creme fraiche. Finished with lots of dill and grated horseradish root. These are addictive, but they won't be around very long."
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Super fresh, pristine herring
"Super fresh, pristine herring from SF Bay. The season is short, so get 'em while we have 'em. These are pickle bound and hitting the menu next week. But first I have to find the mightiest tree in the forest...."
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Labor intensive, but worth it.
"Labor intensive, but worth it. Some roasted #libertyduck breast with Richimoto and Fuyu persimmons from @kjorchards. Those Richimoto make an amazing puree! Then, a version of Lou Fassum with some confit leg and pork belly. @jelliclesfarm grew the awesome Famosa cabbage that was perfect for stuffing. These are on until they're gone this weekend. It was fun reminiscing and collaborating with @jelliclesfarm on this dish. It also doesn't hurt when you're farmer friend worked for Fergus Henderson."
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Haven't posted much recently.
"Haven't posted much recently. Been working with our winery and restaurant friends in the Livermore Valley on an event to help raise money for aid to the fire victims. Details to follow this weekend. For now, an appropriate plunge into autumn. Gorgeous salt roasted chioggia beets from @happyboyfarms with stracciatella, cocoa nib dukkah, mint, persimmon, and finished with a touch of beet powder. On the menu tonight."
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Summer dessert game is 🔥 from
"Summer dessert game is 🔥 from @gambleangelina Next in line is Blackberry and Brentwood sweet corn trifle; sweet 🌽pastry cream, crispy 🌽 bread, caramel 🌽, and coastal blackberries from our friend Rudy at Vasquez Farms in Moss Landing. On the menu tonight. Come celebrate the local bounty."
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