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Bickelhaupt is a 2 Michelin star chef, '15 Food&Wine Best New Chef, nom by James Beard '16 & '17 Best Chef Great Lakes Region. Bickelhaupt’s food philosophy is to make the complex seem simple. His dishes are raw, natural, and genuine; layered with various textures and hyper-sensitive flavors that are meant to elevate the familiar and evoke fond memories of times past. Bickelhaupt cooks with a distinct Asian influence and a concentrated emphasis on technique, serving a chef’s tasting menu that features his thoughtful interpretation of new American cuisine.

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  • Two Stars
  • Best New Chef
    Food & Wine

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When the fond is better than
"When the fond is better than the roasted chicken."
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Veal stock. Simple things in
"Veal stock. Simple things in life make me happy. It smells so good in the kitchen right now. Roasted veal bones and roasted duck feet. I’m in heaven."
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Yolk poached in kombu broth.
"Yolk poached in kombu broth."
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Beautiful day and tomatillo.
"Beautiful day and tomatillo. Making a cocktail with mezcal"
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Wangling roasted duck feet for
"Wangling roasted duck feet for my yummy sauce @konrochicago"
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Does anybody else feel like I
"Does anybody else feel like I do that high temp rubber spatulas are like the greatest thing ever? I don’t know what I would do without it... @konrochicago"
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