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Many chefs have their first exposure to cooking at a young age. For Sean Brock, who was born and raised in rural Virginia, it was the experience of his family growing their own food that left a deep impression. “This was a coal-field town with no restaurants or stoplights,” he explains. “You grew and cooked everything you ate, so I really saw food in its true form. You cook all day, and when you’re not cooking, you’re preserving. If you were eating, you were eating food from the garden or the basement–it’s a way of life.”

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Carolina Gold Rice Salad
$$$, Happy Hour, Outdoor Seating, Modern, Full Bar, American, Southern / Soul,
"The simplicity and textures of this dish are winner. Sea Island Red peas and Peppers add freshness and balance and there are enough crunchy peanuts to have some with every bite. And don't forget the perfect 6 minute egg. Well done Chef!"
Country Ham & Bourbon
$$$, Happy Hour, Outdoor Seating, Modern, Full Bar, American, Southern / Soul,
"Eat next door in the Husk dining room for sure but start or finish here with the shaved Broadbent Ham backed with any of the amazing bourbons. They go together magically. The space is beautiful and rustic yet super comfortable."
Beef tartare
$$$$, Modern, Full Bar, American, New American, French Quarter
"Beef tartar is one of those classic dishes that, if you put it on your menu at this point, it has to be super amazing or you look like an asshole. Chef Daniel Heinze is bold enough to take the challenge and is nice enough to make us all onion rings to boot. Well done."
Heirloom pumpkin and mushroom mula
$, Happy Hour, Mexican, Reservations, Full Bar, French Quarter
"I have had many mind blowing meals at both McCrady's and Husk, but I am enamored by Minero. The menu is soulful, showcasing Sean Brock's brilliance via a more rustic cuisine. The menu is both fun and tasty. One standout is the mula. This small quesadilla ties in a lot of Sean's style, utilizing local and heirloom products and transforming them into something that's foreign yet familiar."
$$$, Reservations, Full Bar, Southern / Soul, Rutledge Hill
"The cheeseburger at Husk is the best I’ve ever eaten. I love its simplicity, the freshest benne seed bun, and the smokiness that comes from the grinding of Benton’s bacon into the two thin burger patties."
Queso fundido
$, Happy Hour, Mexican, Reservations, Full Bar, French Quarter
"This is the best cheesy compliment to the fresh, heirloom corn tortillas, which are nixtamalized, pressed and toasted in-house every day. The layers of chorizo, Valentina hot sauce, roasted poblanos and caramelized Chihuahua cheese develop and get better and better with every bite until it's gone and you have to order another."