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Many chefs have their first exposure to cooking at a young age. For Sean Brock, who was born and raised in rural Virginia, it was the experience of his family growing their own food that left a deep impression. “This was a coal-field town with no restaurants or stoplights,” he explains. “You grew and cooked everything you ate, so I really saw food in its true form. You cook all day, and when you’re not cooking, you’re preserving. If you were eating, you were eating food from the garden or the basement–it’s a way of life.”

My Venues

  • Husk
    76 Queen St
    Charleston, SC
  • Husk
    37 Rutledge St
    Nashville, TN

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Behind the Scenes

Using the okra slime to
"Using the okra slime to emulsify brown butter a la minute for a flounder sauce. In West Africa this is used for stomach issues, coats the tummy like pepto."
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Fresh corn, each kernel
"Fresh corn, each kernel carefully removed and polished. Once corn is cut with a knife it bleeds milk and its quality goes down by the minute. No knife involved here. Yes, I think its worth it and that is all that matters"
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🔥The Devil’s Crab 🦀🔥 Made with
"🔥The Devil’s Crab 🦀🔥 Made with @ansonmills Carolina Gold Rice. One of the most addictive things I’ve ever eaten. I blacked out and ate 7"
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“I reckon he done gone plum
"“I reckon he done gone plum crazy”"
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Quail, Red Eye Gravy, Dirty
"Quail, Red Eye Gravy, Dirty Farro and Sweet Potato"
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At My Venues

Happy Hour, Mexican, Reservations, Full Bar
French Quarter
Johnny Caldwell
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tawny port
Outdoor Seating, Full Bar, American, Southern / Soul
Brandon Casey
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