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Formerly of Edmund's Oast. Currently farming the dream.

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Anthony Bourdain once said my
"Anthony Bourdain once said my ravioli sucked. I needed that. He then turned down an old boss when he asked if he wanted to join him for a smoke. Minutes later he went out and had a smoke solo. I needed that too. It’s obvious just by a glance at social media how influential and impactful this man was to many. His book kitchen confidential inspired me to further chase my cooking career, which led to my passion for food, which led to my farm. Currently harvesting for tonight’s market and listening to a Mark Maron & Bourdain podcasts with a heavy heart. RIP Tony. I don’t have any pics of Bourdain, this post is for those that read the captions. The rest can enjoy some broccoli."
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Spring on the farm.
"Spring on the farm. @julia.lebo.henderson & posey."
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If you don’t already, follow
"If you don’t already, follow our farm @confluencefarm. We post awesome stuff daily. Enough said."
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Korean food at house of tofu
"Korean food at house of tofu Seoul. Short rib galbi. Mushroom & soft tofu stew with egg. Bimbimbap. Soju. Beef dumplings. Banchan."
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Some pics my brother in law
"Some pics my brother in law took this week near what was his home in Sonoma, just east of Santa Rosa."
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