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  • Best Chef: Southeast Nominee, 2018
    James Beard Foundation

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Gulf crab, tomato, sweet corn,
"Gulf crab, tomato, sweet corn, basil, vermouth, Old Bay and fettuccine. Tastes like summer at @josephineon12th See you soon!"
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Really excited to start
"Really excited to start working with yesterday’s farmer’s market find."
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Amish tomato, grilled bread,
"Amish tomato, grilled bread, smoky onion, bacon mayonnaise, saba, basils at @josephineon12th"
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I’m starting just about every
"I’m starting just about every morning with a cup of coffee and a visit to my favorite stand in Nashville to pick through tomatoes for @josephineon12th What a way to start the day!"
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These little guys came off the
"These little guys came off the tomato plants that frame the front door at @josephineon12th. The plants are a constant reminder of the time, patience and care it took to get ingredients to us to cook with."
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Chanterelle mushrooms with
"Chanterelle mushrooms with sweet corn is one of my favorite summer flavor combos. These just landed at @josephineon12th today. They’ll be on the menu starting tomorrow night!"
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