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Moqueca mista
Moqueca mista
$$$, Sushi, Lounge, Japanese,
"As an alumni of the restaurant, I have to pay tribute to this incredible dish. It's one that I crave at least every season; especially in the colder months. Moqueca is a true dish from Bahia, Brazil with a succulent sauce made from shrimp/lobster stock, dende oil and coconut milk with fresh seafood. Ask for a splash of lime juice and an extra side of rice."
Cinnamon oxtail gyoza
$$$, Sushi, Asian, Bar, South Beach
"Oxtail is too underused and scary for the average person to try, but this part of the cow is so tender and flavorful when cooked properly. I love the way Michael fills the wontons and gives it a nice crunchy texture by quickly sautéing them."