Diego Galicia

Diego Galicia

San Antonio

About Diego Galicia

Mixtli is a very personal and intimate project that reflects Diego's love and passion for his native country.

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  • 3.5 Stars
    San Antonio Express
  • 10 Best
    USA Today
  • Best Chef: Southwest Nominee, 2018
    James Beard Foundation

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Behind the Scenes

Fueled up at @curedatpearl and
"Fueled up at @curedatpearl and ready to tackle this beautiful Saturday at the restaurant. Back to doubles! Wishing everybody a fantastic weekend!"
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🐟 🥚
"🐟 🥚"
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🍒 on 🍒 on 🍒 for our
"🍒 on 🍒 on 🍒 for our collaboration at @#fwbnc"
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Had a blast quesoffing with
"Had a blast quesoffing with the homies @#yaaas"
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This is going to be way
"This is going to be way fucking dope. @#friends #"
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