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Dave Cruz

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Dave Cruz is a cookbook author and chef at Little GEM. He discovered his true calling when he stepped in to cover for the chef who didn’t show up for work one day. He subsequently enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America to pursue a culinary degree and honed his skills at several acclaimed dining establishments including March Restaurant, Mas (farmhouse) and Nobu in New York City.

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  • 3 Stars (Ad Hoc)
    San Francisco Chronicle
  • Ad Hoc at Home (cookbook)
  • Best General Cooking Book (2010)
    James Beard Foundation

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Hmmmm.  What to do what to
"Hmmmm. What to do what to do?? @littlegem.restaurant .. .. .. (Mimosas, perhaps?)"
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My obsession for today ...
"My obsession for today ... steak tacos, roasted heirloom salsa, cranberry bean purée, pickles - all in my face. @littlegem.restaurant"
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'Tis the season ... charred
"'Tis the season ... charred corn, sweet miso glaze, togarashi, grated pecan @littlegem.restaurant"
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