Jessica Koslow

Jessica Koslow

Los Angeles

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Jessica Koslow is the chef/owner of Sqirl Kitchen. She grew up in Long Beach, California, the only child of a single mother. The time they had together in the evenings to cook or at least eat together was important—and as it turns out, formative and fortuitous.

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  • Best Chef: West Nominee, 2018
    James Beard Foundtion

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@brimcgi - then there’s this
"@weiserfamilyfarms potatoes and lacto-fermented horseradish topped with a smoked Marcona almond chive schmear that tastes like the philly stuff - finished with roasted market veg & the 🌍 is right, right?"
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Thank you to @cicatrizcafe
"Thank you to @sqirlla feel, even if for only one day, like part of the heartbeat 💗 of CDMX."
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Life of pie 🥧
"Life of pie 🥧"
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When kohlrabi, spigerello,
"When kohlrabi, spigerello, snap peas, and windrose apples 🍏 collide (w/ horseradish kraut vin) I'm reminded by @bon__javier that October in California is deliciously confusing."
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