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Josh's Bin 707 Foodbar serves seasonal American cuisine from local Colorado and domestic sources. Brunch, lunch and dinner daily at 10am.

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Dinnerpartying tonight. Six
"Dinnerpartying tonight. Six courses for 20. The crew is crushing it today! 🙌 @7xwagyu fennel and Kombu braised short rib with umeboshi apricot butter and puffed barley @skunabay salmon with carrot miso purée, buttered dashi farro, radishes and blackberries #bin707"
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Today’s “touch box” for the
"Today’s “touch box” for the @Dinnerparty salad course: Acorn, Zest, Rye crumb, more acorn, puffed amaranth “everything” furikake. Hey @mjamie19 remember those acorns?"
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Wild @takusalmon | sourdough &
"Wild @takusalmon | sourdough & sunflower hummus | Fennel confit | pan seared Palisade grapes | barrel of whiskey . The sourdough / sunflower hummus was an idea spawned to use more available products from a farm we work with. With the exception of the wild caught domestic seafood, and domestic @#nooctopusharmed"
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Version 1 of the
"Version 1 of the aforementioned salad as plated by @rysylvester . This iteration began with a white chocolate ganache and “umeboshi” palisade plum vin. This conceptual salad will be the driver of Dinnerparty when we open to the public for service in the spring. Until then, we will continue to serve iterations until it’s 💯% 🔥#saladdays"
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