Sean Ehland

Sean Ehland

San Francisco

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Sean Ehland heads up the bread program and is a partner at Marla Bakery. He was formerly the Pastry Chef of Aster and McCrady's, and former Savory Chef for Big Burrito in PGH.

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    Marla Bakery
    Marla Bakery
    Happy Hour, Bakery, Breakfast, new american
    Outer Richmond
    "super active!"
    Pugliese, "Full Moon Fever &
    "Pugliese, "Full Moon Fever & Whole Wheat Levain"
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    Scalded Rye. Loose shape and a
    "Scalded Rye. Loose shape and a quick final proof. Have a few left @marlasf come get em while they last"
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    40% scalded Durum Flour
    "40% scalded Durum Flour"
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    Ciabatta with durum flour
    "Ciabatta with durum flour"
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