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Callie Speer


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Callie is the executive chef and owner of Holy Roller in Austin, Texas.

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  • Pastry Chef of the Year, 2013
  • People’s Best New Chef nomination, 2013
    Food & Wine
  • Featured on Best New Restaurant

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Happy birthday, Joe!! For
"Happy birthday, Joe!! For their one year anniversary, @mynameisjoecoffee got a bad ass new menu! Y’all go see them, get a Howler and a taco. It’ll make your day. (Ps I’m very proud of @williamcball @philipspeer. You guys are doing the work to push our community forward. Here’s to another year!)"
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Hey @ginjurejen, how's THIS
"Hey @ginjurejen, how's THIS for lunch? I'm feeling pretty good about it.."
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Brunch brunch brunch
"Brunch brunch brunch"
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Just another day at the office
"Just another day at the office"
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