David Gingrass

David Gingrass

San Francisco

About David Gingrass

David Gingrass is the Corporate Chef for Pacific Catch. He is a food and beverage operations professional with a career spanning more than three decades. He was the chef/co-owner of Hawthorne Lane, a San Francisco dining institution for over twelve years, catering to the likes of Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Mayor Willie Brown, James Carville, President Clinton and First Lady Hilary Clinton.

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Wonton noodle soup!
"Wonton noodle soup!"
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Wonton noodle soup for dinner
"Wonton noodle soup for dinner tonight"
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Another noodle night at
"Another noodle night at home..."
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Din din
"Din din"
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Infused vodka, anyone?
"Infused vodka, anyone?"
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Springtime harvest!
"Springtime harvest!"
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