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Food lover. Lover of laughter. Living life. Chasing all my dreams. Chef at Warehouse Bar + Kitchen and Parlor Deluxe.

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Soooo, It’s super tough to
"Soooo, It’s super tough to make it to every one of your favorite people’s spot when you also are tying to make a spot everyone else’s “favorite,” yadayadayada.... I wasn’t a regular @#spreadthelove"
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This is love.  I always have
"This is love. I always have to tell my cooks “I am not sure how to “teach” you how to roll these...it’s a feeling , a motion that just comes with practice. “ thegetawayonking"
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Not only do I get to see more
"Not only do I get to see more of Mr Dan Kennerty this time of year, but these beauties are my absolute favorite! #getawaywithus"
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