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Alae Salt Cured Ahi, House
"Alae Salt Cured Ahi, House Smoked Bacon, Mango Shavings, Wasabi Butter Sauce"
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Tonight's specials at Copper
"Tonight's specials at Copper Bar: Seared Mahi, Octopus & Shrimp Mangosteen Ceviche, Margarita Butter Sauce Kona Lobster Risotto Cake, Grilled Lobster Tail, Lemongrass Buerre Blanc, Bean Sprout Salad"
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Yuzu Cured Ono, Jaboticaba
"Yuzu Cured Ono, Jaboticaba Gastrique, Watercress Mac-Nut Pesto @ Copper Bar #CUatTheCopper"
Aku Roll w/ Black Tobiko &
"Aku Roll w/ Black Tobiko & Jaboticaba Gastrique"
Grilled Octo & Heart of Palm
"Grilled Octo & Heart of Palm Salad"
Molokai Sweet Potato Gnocchi &
"Molokai Sweet Potato Gnocchi & Hamakua Chevre Cream"

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