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Lisa Nakamura


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Chef/Owner of Gnocchi Bar on Cap Hill

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"HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR 🌕I highly recommend you go out to eat & celebrate instead of spending 6-hours making Xiao Long Bao juicy soup dumplings like we did :) gdurrell ]"
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My milkshake brings all the
"My milkshake brings all the boys...😜🍦🍭"
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Matcha Mochi Muffins by
"Matcha Mochi Muffins by @amandahuynh 🍵with a Rhubarb Mint Gin Cocktail 💯🙏 wow 😘 these textures are amaze"
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A platter for my neighbour 💐We
"A platter for my neighbour 💐We feed each other, drink together, and look out for one another. So lucky to have a home and loving community on Bute Street 🙏 Vietnamese Salad Rolls made with Smoked Tofu & Pork Meatballs, topped with Fried Shallots, served with 2 kinds of dipping sauce - Almond Lime & Traditional #saladrolls"
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