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  • Best Chef: Southwest Nominee, 2018
    James Beard Foundation

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Happy National Caviar
"Happy National Caviar Day! Rose Finn Potato, Sabayon, Soured Onions, Purslane, Trout Roe"
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Tomato Sorbet, Sunflower
"Tomato Sorbet, Sunflower Conserva, Opal Basil. Summer dim sum in all its glory! 📷:@kaiiiiitlynnnn"
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Oyster Mushroom ‘Carpaccio’
"Oyster Mushroom ‘Carpaccio’ with Oregano Chimichurri. 📷: @ppressley"
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Confit Lamb Neck, Cumin,
"Confit Lamb Neck, Cumin, Grilled Tomato, Chile Pequín. Not pictured: Rouge de Bordeaux & Buckwheat toast with balichok rouille. 📷: Julia Keim via @giantnoise"
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Peanut cake crumbles soaked in
"Peanut cake crumbles soaked in coffee, macerated berries, rosemary cocoa bean granita, rice cracker ice cream, peanut caramel sauce."
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