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Executive Chef of Domaine Serene Winery & Vineyards in Willamette Valley, Oregon. Advocate for small farms and blending local ingredients with global flavors.

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Sometimes I just want that
"Sometimes I just want that Pep...Pep...Pep... I think Chef @vit0bike"
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Oh No I Didn’t....Oh Yes I Did
"Oh No I Didn’t....Oh Yes I Did 😏 #burgerporn 🍔"
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Raw Sliced Geoduck
"Raw Sliced Geoduck Clam...crunchy...medium salinity...sweet, fresh taste of the ocean...Don’t think the mainstream audience would be going ‘all in’ on this one but it is cool to work with and experience. Thanks to @#foodandwine"
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Working on the bite game
"Working on the bite game today... Red Beet Hummus :: Sumac Chickpea :: Bull’s Blood :: Crispy Pita 🥙 #vegetarian"
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New dish on the 45th
"New dish on the 45th Parallel... ‘Stinging Nettle Gnudi’ :: prosciutto cream :: shiitake chips :: parmigiano reggiano :: Even Pull Farm’s spring pea shoots 🍃🍄🥓🧀🌱🔥 #domaineserene"
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The older I get the less I
"The older I get the less I want ‘fancy’ and the more I want ‘delicious’....just give me delicious and I’m good 👌#mattsbbqpdx"
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