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    University of Texas (2016)

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Food hall feasting with my
"Food hall feasting with my beautiful bento family ❤️🍱❤️ Huge thanks for all your work this past year🍻Here's to a new year full of opportunities!"
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Thank you @hirotakaatsusaka
"Thank you @hirotakaatsusaka for sending your homemade yuzu kosho to me! I remember the first time I tried yuzu kosho was in a nabe pot with @pagang93 here in Austin on a cold winter day, and I instantly fell in love with all the flavor, spice & warmth it added. It made something that was already really good even better! I am so amazed by all the time and love that you took to grow the peppers, make the paste, let it ferment and get it packaged for sharing with friends all over the world. It is DELICIOUS and you are one of a kind! Ps. Thank you the ume plums too! You are so generous!! I hope to come visit you again in Izu soon. Please be my guest any time here in Austin… we are about to open our bento shop here!!!"
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Scored kolaches from @batchatx
"Scored kolaches from @batchatx with pops! Y'all, the pb&j kolache with pb&j ice cream from @lickicecreams 👌"
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In da summertime we got
"In da summertime we got watermelon 🍉 on our mind 🎶 thank you @runningproducer for this beauty!"
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Fresh pickins from
"Fresh pickins from @urbanrootsatx | hot peppers, eggplant, red & green okra, sweet peppers"
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Another amazing #community
"Another amazing #community lunch cooked by the youth from Urban Roots, made with veggies they grew, with guidance from Jam from Thai Fresh 🙌 @urbanrootsatx @thaifresh ❤️🍆🌶🍛🍴❤️"
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