Sarah Bonar

Sarah Bonar

San Francisco

About Sarah Bonar

Sarah Bonar is the pastry chef at Frances and Octavia. Her start in baking was atypical. Since her family didn’t have a lot of money for college tuition, she followed the lead of her father, a career army soldier, and joined the military. Honorably discharged as a sergeant after five years stationed in San Antonio, Texas, as a Spanish linguist, she attended culinary school on the GI Bill; after graduation, she landed her first industry job at Frances’s pastry station, working for chef-owner Melissa Perello.

My Venues

  • Frances
    3870 17th St
    San Francisco, CA
  • Octavia
    1701 Octavia St
    San Francisco, CA


    • San Francisco Magazine Best Pastry Chef 2015

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      cozy new homes courtesy of
      "cozy new homes courtesy of @mmclay_ceramics for our purple barley and toasted seed levain just in time for our collaboration with @iamthatgirl"
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      is it spring yet? 🥕🐰🌷 carrot
      "is it spring yet? 🥕🐰🌷 carrot pistachio sultana cream cheese"
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      guanaja C R E M E A U X guava
      "guanaja C R E M E A U X guava jam cocoa sable creme fraiche tasting menu only 😘"
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      toasted and sprouted 🌱 B U C K
      "toasted and sprouted 🌱 B U C K W H E A T"
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      new american
      "Less than one week until our annual Holiday Market at @sf_frances Monday 12/18!"
      salty burnt honey tarts - so
      "salty burnt honey tarts - so cute i could squeeze em"
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